Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coastin', Part 4

Like I said, some of these were sketchy. Maybe Omar didn't get the unspoken promise to flesh them out later. Or, perhaps he remembered how long it took me to finish the Two label. (Not long to do, but very long to decide whether it was worthy.)
So, here we have something I had hinted at earlier, and taken a different approach with, for my Hop Heads Only Event...and lo, and behold, my friend Angie, with greater PhotoShop skills than I, brought it to fruition.
Here's my coaster doodle of the famous Magritte painting, with a hoppy twist. And Angie's excellent PhotoShop rendition.

Coastin', Part 3

This was an imprmptu pen doodle that I liked well enough to color with pastel pencils. The phrase was originally "What, Me
Surly?", but since this guy doesn't resemble Alfred E. Neuman, I switched it to "What, no more Surly?"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coastin', Part 2

This one was inspired by a classic William Steig cartoon from his 1942 book, The Lonely Ones. This particular image once graced coffee mugs, cocktail napkins, ashtrays and more for decades. Hard to imagine a sentiment such as this being so widespread. I once found an ashtray of the cartoon at an antique store and gave it to an ex-gf I was still friends with, who was a smoker. She wasn't delighted by the gift and derided it with a sarcastic "what a cheery sentiment." When, you're addicted to coffin nails, how can you be a stranger to cynicism, I ask.
I'm currently on the hunt for items with his cartoons, via ebay or antique stores.Let me know if you run into any.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coastin', Part 1

With the Surly Coaster Art Contest over and done, and me not the winner, I thought I'd share my entries. Maybe I didn't win because they were so sketchy. Only Omar knows. I had another one in mind to begin with, but then I saw this image in action. No kidding, I'm actually sitting at the bar at work, and a woman put a drink on her head. A dude standing nearby observed and put his pint on his pate. That does it, I'm keeping this one, and turning it into something else.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hop Heads Only!

As alluded to earlier, here's the final art & flier/poster for the hoppy beer event next Saturday;

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beer In The Family

1951, RedWoodCounty,MN.
My grandfather,Ibar McCarty, and my Uncle Lyle at his left, returning from a pheasant hunt on the family farm, ready to enjoy some Schell's, with assorted family and friends.Marvin Gamelgaard, friend of my Dad's, hoisting the case.

Minnesota Breweries One by One #16: Forager Brewery, Rochester

For the second stop in Rochester we chose Forager Brewery , as our collective stomachs were rumbling, and this one is a brewpub with food ...