Monday, January 30, 2012

Laughing Dog DogZilla Black IPA

Laughing Dog Brewing, Fetchingly Good Ales, Ponderay, Idaho. Dogzilla Black IPA. 6.9% ABV.  This one's label copy comes as a song, sung to the tune of, I assume, BOC's "Godzilla": With a purposeful growl, and terrible sound, he pulls the rack of kegs all down. He picks up a bottles and throws it back down, as he wades through the kegs toward the center of town. Oh, no, they say he got to go, Go go Dogzilla. Dogzilla is back and hoppy A true Northwest IPA with a dark malt twist." (I don't think that last one was supposed to be sung. Doesn't really rhyme.)"

Full black color, lighter ruby brown edges, nice 1/4 " head of creamy tan head.

Hoppy aromatics, mixed with dark malt. Not too anything, a hint of grass, a splash of citrus, but adequately matched with malt. Freshly mowed hop grass lilting over a chocolate base.

Taste: It's all there, again. Chewy, roasty, chocolate-y malt flavor holds it down amply, with lightly bitter, grassy hops playing above. Like many of these Black IPAs, it comes across as a hoppy porter, but there's no real imbalance in this one. It's a firestorm of flavors, full and rich, very satisfying. 

Did you know that Dogzilla is AllizGod backwards?
Think about that, huh? Hmmmm?

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