Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Alpine Mandarin Nectar

Alpine Mandarin Nectar.  Brewed and bottled by Alpine Beer Company in San Diego, California. Orange Blossom Honey Ale with Orange Zest and Coriander.

I had this beer for the first time a few months ago at a neighborhood pub. I like it so much I tried to get a keg of it for Acadia, but I was too late. Settled for some Willy Vanilly instead. Now, I've finally got a bottle of Mandarin Nectar and it's time to open it up and see what's inside....

Clear, deep golden/amber hue, hefty helping of ivory froth atop.

Aroma: citrus and cream hits the nose first. Lots of fruit and spice.

In the mouth: citrus zest begins the fray, juicy malt holds it up from behind. Hardly any hops here, it's all malt and smooth and fruit. Orange aplenty. Low bitterness. Good balance. Tasty. Consummately consumable. Coriander never quite quits, butting in amid the citrus from time to time.

This one is a beautiful summertime refresher, and yes it's still summertime, and I'll continue to say so for the next few weeks until I'm forced to wear a jacket everywhere. Until then, ....ah!!! Delicious. So good. Go out and drink it. You won't be sorry.

"Delightful and zesty--like a mountain breeze through the citrus trees. Mandarin Nectar is a crisp blend of the finest malts. We've added generous amounts of citrus zest, coriander, and a touch of orange blossom honey for exceptional flavor. Perfect for warmer weather. Don't drink more. Just drink better." Also, "DRINK ALPINE BEER or GO TO BED!" Yikes, no need to yell it!

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