Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blacklist Rhubarb Wit

Blacklist Rhubarb Wit. Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with spices & rhubarb. 8.0% Alc. by Vol. Brewed & bottled by Blacklist Brewing, LLC, Duluth, MN.

This one was a gusher when I  opened it. Is this typical, or did I mishandle it? It's stable long enough. Lost a little bit to the table, the floor, the rag....

Heavily clouded, pale reddish coloring, huge, brilliant ivory head, leaving meringue-like topping, looking good.

Aroma: soft, spicy, definitely Belgian yeast at work. No rhubarb evident yet.

In the mouth: Soft, smooth, malty, with just a hint of the vegetable. It's getting bigger as we go, but never too big. And who wants that? So here's just enough vegetable sweetness for flavor and body, and I like it. Not bad at all. And it gets better as it goes. Removes some of the citrus zest I really like in a wit, and replaces it with completely different flavors. Rhubarb flavor gets stronger, but doesn't deliver it's truly sharp and tangy essence, which is fine by me. You don't really want that. This skirts shy of the full flavor of the plant, but gives just enough.

This is only the second rhubarb wit I've heard of, the other being from Urban Growler. Hope it's still on, it would be nice to compare them.

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