Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bull Falls Midnight Star Schwarzbier

Bull Falls Midnight Star. 6% ABV. 19 IBU. Bull Falls Brewery, Wausau, Wisconsin.

Clear, dark brown coloring, beige-isa, slim, lasting head.

Aroma: highly hoppy, big ol' grassy and citric, lively and lovely and very nice.

In the mouth: Chocolate and caramel malt flavors flood the palate, with grassy/citric hop notes butting in. Medium bodied. Long malty finish. Hops persist throughout. Good beer, this one. Not bad at all. I don't mind it none.

Here's their gobbledygook: Midnight Star Lager

In a glass, Midnight Star looks much like a dark ale, but looks can be deceiving. This German style Schwarzbier has a clean lager taste that leaves next to no perception of fruitiness on the palate. Instead, we get very mild almost bittersweet, notes of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. It comes across as a soft and elegant brew that is rich, mild and well balanced.

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