Friday, September 20, 2013

Brasserie d'Achouffe La Chouffe Golden Ale

It's Gnome week, and the Nile is participating, so we've got some chouffes back on tap. The last time we had La Chouffe on tap, I forgot to take the notes and shoot the pic. The last time I took notes on La Chouffe was from a bottle, and it was in December of 2003. Here they are:

Hazy golden color, fantastic, fluffy, frothy white head...poured into a Duvel glass, (appropriate, in that I'd previously pegged this as a Duvel imitator) which uses all it's powers to hold it up, and it works.

Nose, spice, and fruit, and everything good, vibrant, sophisticated, transcendent, uplifting, delirious...

Taste:...nice, fresh, hoppy, but lacking in a powerful ZAP! on the buds that I was yearning for after being teased by the aroma. Okay, I'll try it again...nice, fruity (peach, apricot, orange), some hops (English Golding and Saaz, they say), reliable malt (Pilsner, the label tells), abundant sugar, coriander pleases the tongue quite assuredly...this is a very smooth, mellow, yet lively and flavorful ale that should please any real beer lover.

A very likable product from one of the smaller Belgian brewing concerns that I fully admire.

And now that I'm drinking it on tap once more, I think it's better than ever. They called it a blonde ale for so long, but now they're calling it a golden ale. Both work.

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Christof Vandenhouten said...

I am looking for that beercoaster of chouffe, do you know where to find?

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