Monday, September 23, 2013

Central Waters Hop Rise Session Ale

Central Waters Hop Rise Session Ale. Brewed in Amherdt, WI. "Ale, Sun, Earth and Sky", it says on the label, not sure what that's about. 12 ounce bottle. No ABV given.

Very clouded, copper-colored, with a smallish white head.

Aromatics: hoppy, oily, pine-y and citrusy. Fresh and lively. I like it.

Taste: Plenty of hoppitude happening here. Big, bitter bite up front that lasts long through the drink. Bright  and vivacious. Medium-bodied, lean and easy-drinking.

Let's read that label description: "An explosively hoppy yet sessionable IPA, bursting with a citrusy array of mango, orange, and pineapple pleasantries. Hop Rise is a brewer's beer for one and all. Generously hopped throughout the boil, then dry-hopped at the tail end of fermentation for a large bouquet."

Hey, guess what, I liked it.

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