Monday, September 30, 2013

Tyranena Chief Blackhawk Porter

Met a new Tyranena rep the other day, the poor kid was sent to ABR with a couple kegs having no idea how big the fest is. He stopped by Friday afternoon, and gave me some sample bottles, a few of which are beers that have not made it onto the blog. First up, Chief Blackhawk Porter. For this one, I turn to notes from May, 2003, slightly edited:

Appearance: deep, fully black color, with a huge, lush, creamy tan head.

Nose is all cocoa and cream, notes of coffee, and bits of bitterness. Lovely.

Bitterness continues through the palate, but mildly. Malt is thick, mouthfeel lush, smooth, relaxed, but still hearty as any porter ought to be.

Well-rounded as can be, this is my idea of a session beer, full of character and flavor, easy to down, but rewarding with flavor.


10 years later? It's still a damn fine porter.

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