Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Bruery Hottenroth Berlin Weiss Sour Wheat Ale

The Bruery Unfiltered Bottle-Conditioned Hottenrith Berliner Weisse, Barlin-style Tart Wheat Ale. "Sour = Yum!" Alc. 3.1% by Vol. Orange County, CA. "Brewed in memory of Fred & Sarah Hottenroth, this traditional ale can be served with raspberry or woodruff syrup, or simply enjoyed as is." No woodruff syrup on hand, I'm drinking this as is. Thanks to the low alcohol content, I'll be able to tackle this one solo with no trouble, and move on to another beer tonight. Another Berliner Weisse? Maybe.

So. Clear. Golden-hued. Smallish head that dies off quickly.

Aroma: Tart, sour notes at the front, with lemon and lime notes right behind. Plenty and citrus, vegetal, herbal, and just the right touch of cat pee. There, I said it. Refreshingly sour and pissy.

Taste: Bracingly tart at the front, tremendous puckeration, spicing the palate, flooding the mouth. Lean bodied, merest malt, heartier hopping, with sourness taking over all in the flavor profile. Piercingly sour on the palate, pausing after the sting for a blast of refreshment. Goes down very easy, if you're really into the sour. (Which, of course, I am.)

Let's see what the label informs us: "Our Berliner Weisse is suitable for aging up to one year when cellared properly…." Ah, it's all technical mumbo-jumbo, "Don't leave the yeast in your glass" and stuff like that, put it in a tulip, etc. etc. Gotcha pal, no problem.

Ah, I do like this. I'm still trying to peg this style, though I've never had a truly authentic version from Deutschland. The last one I had from Three Floyds was outrageously tart, this one seems slightly less so. Next up, I'm trying another, this one still not authentically teutonic, more locally brewed.

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