Monday, September 2, 2013

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barley-wine Style Ale

A few random reflections before I get to the (old) notes: 1. It is a testament to the amount of new beer enticing me at all times that the old favorites fall through the cracks. Can it be that I haven't had a Bigfoot since December, 2010? Well, maybe I did, but not to review it here. I never bought one at a store? Either I never saw it, or passed in favor of some other new, fancy thing I had to have, that wasn't a classic that I've been enjoying for nearly 20 years. I hadn't tapped it, either? Nope. Maybe earlier in 2010, but not in the past 2 years, for sure. Oddly, a found 4-packs (didn't they used to be 6-ers?) on sale at Chicago Lake Liquors, right next to the Hoptimum. Had to make up for the lack of Bigfoot on this blog.
2. This is blog post (for now, at least, as of this writing) #1100. Most of those are beer reviews, probably 1,060 of them are. And this is still only the 12 th from Sierra Nevada. I only recently added the pale ale. And I've had more entries for Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery than any other (which is still a fraction of the reviews of their beers I've done on the websites). Is it so much easier for me to visit the pub and get a growler, than to pick up a 6-pack of SN Stout or Porter? These things prey on my mind.
3. My first review online of this beer was in early 2003 (February) of the 2002 edition. Later that year, I found a bottle of 1999 and added those notes, as well as reflections on the new bottling. Since this beer doesn't change from year to year, I present those notes now, after consuming a 2013 bottle. Maybe I can put the other 3 away...maybe not...

Dark purplish color, beneath a tan head.
Aroma is fantastic, fresh, roasty, spicy, full of notes of caramel, toffee, nuts, berries, a beautiful blend.
The alcohol content, also, is evident in the nose. Thick texture, not to be approached lightly. Take care, good friends, when confronting the species Bigfooticus Barleywinicus.
Very warming, very friendly, heat and flavor floods and fills the mouth., hell, it takes over your entire head. An everlasting spark carries through this classic brew, loads of hops, backed up with a full load of malt.
 Always formidable, always enjoyable. I'm glad we can always count on finding Bigfoot at least once a year.
2002 edition.

Found a bottle of the 1999 edition at a store, Wow!, pre-cellared, so why sit on it longer, it's nearly 5 years old already, let's crack it and see...beautiful, bright crimson color, full, thick, fresh, bubbly, creamy head. Roasty, rich, fruity, yeasty, bread-y, biscuit-y, just amazing, uplifting, alive and luscious and lovely and ...surprisingly smooth on meeting the tongue, yet full of amazing flavor, and incredibly drinkable, fully fruity, woody, nutty, boozy, let's not forget...
hmmm, while I'm at it, why not review the 2003?
Eh, this is devotion to Bigfoot is again justified, and I've kicked up the rankings a notch or two, for I've had further reason to bow down before it's greatness...certainly, I've never been able to "cellar" this brew this long on my own, for it's pull is irresistible, and I've always been pulled to drink it fresh down my gullet...oh, it's a mighty and a beautiful thing!
To answer myself so quickly, the 2003, after nearly a year is magnificent as you'd expect, full of rich flavor...yum, yum, yum...I'm sorry did I say "yum" yet?

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