Friday, July 11, 2014

August Schell 30th Anniversary Hefe Weizen Series: 2014 Weiss Beer

Schell's 30th Anniversary Hefe Weizen Series, Beer #2: Weiss Beer 2014.

You know what I could do with this one? I could just cut and paste my notes from 10 years ago or whenever, but they say this is 2014, so I'm reviewing 2014. I'll post my old notes at the bottom.

So, here we have the contemporary version of Schell's. And now, I'll voice my regret that I don't have a Schell's weizen-style glass. On the other hand, I have far too many glasses as it is. So many that when I lose a particular favorite due to dropping it in the washing process or some other tragedy, I give a silent cheer that I have one less glass to store. (But where will I find another Brasserie de la Rocs tulip?)So, since my only Schell's glass is a shaker pint,  I'm breaking out one of my other weizen-style glasses, this one from the great Bavarian brewer, Georg Schneider & Sohn.

It's a hazy, bright golden color, under a vast layer of snowy white foam and it looks fantastic. Perfect as can be.

Aroma: soft, airy, lightly spicy, slightly citric, utterly lovely. Dreamy. (I know that's not a technical term, but if you've read me before, you know there's really no guidelines and I carry around a wide swath of poetic license with each crown I crack open.)

Taste: On the palate, it's a smooth and delicious. Unfussy and uncomplicated, with plenty of yeast character delivering the citrus and spice, and a touch of the banana and clove notes we want with every true Bavarian style hefe weizen. Medium-bodied, fresh and tasty. Lays just long enough on the palate, Vastly refreshing.

Hey, what's on the label? "Today, Schell's hefeweizen is an unfiltered, South German-style wheat beer with high carbonation and low hops. It is smooth and effervescent with slightly sweet, fruity flavors."

Notes from June, 2003:
This is the first year this brew has gone out as "Hefe Weizen", in years before, it was merely "Weizen". Has the recipe or approach changed at all? Perhaps.
Appearance: hazy, bright straw yellow color, with a large, pure white head that's swift to settle.
Aroma: Great lemony, citric notes right off the bat, fresh, alert & alive, spicy, with a bunch of banana, too. Key note started as lemon, but banana dominates.
Nice, tasty, tangy texture, though the finish is brief. Body is light, leaning to medium. Taste is smooth and fruity, easy and refreshing. Not a mind-blowing weizen by any stretch, but it's a decent enough stand-in. I may return to it again throughout the summer.

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