Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beer Camp: Sierra Nevada/Allagash Myron's Walk Belgian-style Blonde Ale with Coriander

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America. 12 bottles, 12 beers, 12 different styles by 12 different brewers from across America collaborating with the brewers at both the original Chico brewery, and the new North Carolina outpost. Runs for about $24, $2 a pop, but not a bad deal when you consider what you're getting. These will never be made again, and will only appear here. Get it while you can, beer geeks!

Well, I am lucky enough to live near a beer store that tries and tries, but doesn't get quite as much beer geek traffic as the those fancier stores. Much as I love those la-de-da merchants, I'm not going to make it there in time to grab that rare stuff before the other beer weirdos snatch them up. It's the Modelo cans and the Courvoisier that keep this store in business. I can't get everything I want there, but there's something, anyway. And long after all the well-known shops that cater to the beer elite have run out of Beer Camp cases, there's still a few left for me at Chicago-Lake liquors, bless their hearts.

So. We're going to open the first one. And it's a collaboration with Allagash, the Maine brewery focused on Belgian styles that hasn't been distributed in Minnesota in over 12 years. (If memory serves.) It's called Myron's Walk, and they say it's a Belgian-style pale ale brewed with Coriander. Enough blah, blah, blah, let's drink it up!

Appearance: Clear, bright golden-colored, under a lush, chalk-white of foam, leaving lace. Nice.

Aroma: Beautiful, lively spice notes hit the nose first. Slightly sweet, and fruity, ending dry.

Taste: Spice, Belgian yeast character, fruit all hit at once. It's a tropical fruit character with some citrus tones, as well. At one minute, we're led towards the feeling of a witbier, with the coriander and yeast, but without the wheat, and then the spirit of the Belgian blonde comes forward. Tasty, tasty stuff, hoppy, fruity and ending ultimately dry. Mmm. This is nice.

What does the label tell us? For one thing, it's 6.3% ABV, and 38 IBU. Also, "This Belgian-style pale ale combines the best of our two breweries. Intense, piney-citrus hop notes counterpoint the complex fruity spice of Allagash's Belgian yeast."

Hey., there's more! "This collaboration honors Myron Avery, a founder of the Appalachian Trail which spans our North Carolina brewery and Allagash's home in Maine. We share a great love of the outdoors, and Avery and the AT are great reminders of the wild spirit of exploration that connects us both."

Man, I like this. If they are all this good, I'm going to enjoy exploring this pack!

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Doing Beer Justice said...

Found my Beer Camp twelve pack at Chi-Lake too, the only place that still seemed to have any, when I was up visiting the Cities.

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