Monday, July 21, 2014

Day Block Belgian Pale Ale

Day Block Belgian Pale Ale.

Clear, bright amber colored appearance, slim, lace-leaving, white head.

Aroma: fruity esters, apricot and peach, slight spice, a whiff of trademark Belgian funk.

Taste: Crisp and lightly hoppy. Well, "light" for this confirmed hop-head. Others might find it "aggressive."But, it's not. It's an appreciable bittersweet hop presence, quickly backed up with sweet, graham-cracker-y malt. Marmalade on an English muffin. Medium/light-bodied. Especially easy-drinking, with the persistent playful presence of the odd and wonderful Belgian yeast. and that candy-ish fruity and sweet malt character.

I read the ingredients after drinking the beer. Never would have thought that they'd used Cascade hops in this one, but, thinking back, of course they were.

All in all, a delicious one, that I hope they return to again and again.

Here's the official info from the website:
Our Belgian Pale Ale is a vibrant golden beer, brewed with the last of our locally grown whole cone Cascade hops. Grown just 34 miles from the brewery in Forest Lake. The citrusy hop nose blends with the fruitiness of the Belgian yeast to offer a unique yet satisfying flavor.

5.2% ABV, 48 IBUs, Batch 027, INGREDIENTS:
malts: Rahr Pale Ale, Briess Caramel 40, Briess Gold Pils, Cascade Hops, Belgian Ale yeast.

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