Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beer Camp Sierra Nevada Collaboration with Cigar City: Yonder Bock Tropical Maibock

Beer Camp #3: Sierra Nevada/Cigar City Yonder Bock Tropical Maibock. 7.7% ABV, 45 IBU.

Appearance: highly hazed, deep amber, lush, creamy white head. Looking great.

Aroma: Coconut and pineapple. Bananas? Sweet malt. Low hops.

Taste: Here's a little bit of hops, and a lot of lush, tasty pale malt. Medium bodied, long, lingering sweet finish. Just delicious. Absolutely yum. Remarkable.

This is one of two canned beers in the sampler pack, the one being a collaboration with Oskar Blues, both of these canning breweries. I'm dying to read the label on the can and find out more….of course, there's nothing on the bottleneck, and there's no neck on the can, so it had better all be on the back of the can….here we go…"Brewed in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL., Yonder Bock is a Latin-inspired twist on a traditional Maibock. Cigar City finds inspiration in the Cuban roots of their hometown, which is a long way from our home base in Chico, but our friends down yonder in Florida can sure brew a great beer. Yonder Bock blends a silky malt body with bright fruity hop aromas of guava, mango and passion fruit from the use of Calypso, Azacca and experimental 366 hops as a nod to Cigar City's tropical locale."

Well, dang it. I just don't have the nose for guava, I guess.

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