Monday, February 11, 2019

Pryes Miraculum Midwest IPA (can)

Pryes Miraculum Midwest IPA. 6.4 % ABV. 75 IBU. Pryes Brewing, Minneapolis, MN.

This beer has been covered here before....we think. It was an unlabeled sample bottle given to me when the brewery first started operating out of their own facility. It wasn't the best way to appraise this India Pale Ale, which has only been available in cans in recent months. Looking back on that review, it's clear that the sample may have been flawed, for it didn't taste quite like it had when I'd had it on tap. Now that I finally have a can in hand, (thanks, Sample Man!--who in this case was the brewery's taproom manager), it's time to give it a re-review.

Clear, copper-y/crimson-ish coloring, fair layer of white foam above, leaving some lace behind.

In the nose: Bright, citrus-y hops start it off. Sweet malty notes keep time with bitter hops. A complex cornucopia of hoppy goodness.

In the mouth: Again, sweet and bitter take stage together, flooding the palate with their individual attributes. Well balanced, clean, and terrifically tasty. Citrus holds the spotlight, but other notes pop in, as, cherry, stone fruit. Splendid blend. Bitter and sweet take a bow, and the finish is dry. Medium bodied, expertly drinkable, and absolutely likable. In fact, it's downright delicious.

I definitely do like this IPA, and feel that it ranks among Minnesota's best. Go ahead and get some.

Dry hopped with over 50 lbs of hops, this hoppy, citrusy IPA finishes with light malt notes and sweet undertones, cutting the bitterness to round out the palate. This IPA finishes very clean, making it a great beer to pair with food.

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