Friday, August 15, 2014

Sierra Nevada / Asheville Brewers Collective Tater Ridge Scottish Ale with Sweet Potatoes (Beer Camp #6)

Beer Camp #6: Tater Ridge. Scottish Ale brewed with Sweet Potatoes, Brewed in Collaboration with Asheville Brewers Alliance. Alc. by Volume 7%. 35 IBU.

Apperarance: Caramel Brown coloration, slim tanned head, leaving some lace. Ruby edges, looking fine.

Aroma: soft, slightly sweet and vegetal, but mostly missing. Not getting much yet. Yeah, nothing. That's what potatoes bring to beer. Nada.

Taste: caramel and toffee malt first, sweet like any Scotch ale should be (this is much dark than a "scottish ale"… they really mean Scotch?). Really tasty. full of malty flavors, moderate hopping, delicious. Can't say what the taters bring to the table, though. Nonetheless, it's a satisfying drink, and I'm I'm finding myself enjoying it.

What's the label say: "This rich and malty Scottish ale gets a kick from sweet potatoes, a North Carolina staple." Back label: "We're fortunate to call the passionate and talented folks in the Asheville Brewers Alliance our North Carolina neighbors. Tater Ridge is our nod to the area's Scottish Highland history, and we hope this ale accented by sweet potatoes will be the first of many collaborations to come."

I don't know why I don't get the sweet potatoes. Well, you don't get the taste of them, but they're adding something to the malt sweetness….wait, wait, there it is…just barely. Okay, I can dig it.

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