Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sierra Nevada / Firestone Walker Torpedo Pilsner Hoppy Pilsner (Beer Camp #8)

Beer Camp Across America #8: Sierra Nevada/Firestone Walker Torpedo Pilsner Hoppy Pilsner. Alc. by Vol. 5.2%. 45 IBU.

Hey, remember all my hand-wringing and tooth-gnashing over being unable to find a Sierra Nevada snifter? Well, look what I found. I'll spare you the story of wasting precious moments wailing over the loss of a Unibroue tulip. Because, if you looked at the past few entries, it was all for naught. Now, to stop myself for whining about glasses I don't have and never had...

Lightly hazed, bright golden hue, under milky white head.

Aroma: Beautiful floral notes, nice hoppiness. Ah…

Taste: Big hop attack right off the bat, pierces the palate pleasingly. Clean, lean-bodied. Bittersweet bite fades off after a while, but never quite quits. Fruitiness grows and grows, starting citric, turning tropical.
Hopheads, here's a lager to love.

What do they say on the label? This: "This hoppy lager features intense fruity and floral notes from fresh New Zealand hops balanced against a crisp and clean malt body." Also, this: "Torpedo Pilsner is a hop-forward take on the crisp, classic lager. We and the folks at Firestone Walker share a passion for New Zealand varietals, so we loaded our legendary Hop Torpedo with the southern hemisphere's finest hops or a fruity, floral twist on the pilsner style."

So, there you go.

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