Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Unibroue Ephemere Apple

Hey, what do you know, there's a Unibroue sampler box, "the Sommelier Collection" (didn't they get the word that we say "cicerone" now?), featuring 1 each of 6 of their beers, 3 that I've already covered here, 3 that I haven't. Here's come the notes....

Looking back at some old Unibroue notes, this one the Ephemere, ale brewed with apple juice, 5.5% ABV, first jotted down on November 20, 2003:

Pungent green apple aroma wafts out from the instant the cork is released...

Color is clear, pale golden, and is topped with a lush, creamy white head.
Aroma has settled some from that initial sharp sensation, is slightly sweet, and distinctly apple-ish.

Taste: big, brisk hoppiness, then all is mellow. Very light in body, with a crisp, dry finish. Apple flavor is never too strong, just subtle enough, and that's just fine with me.

For some reason, I imagined something bigger out of these guys, but all things considered, this is just right for what they're trying to do here. A nice, mild, bright, fruity ale, perfect for desserts, picnics, parties...but nothing I'd likely turn to often.

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