Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Deschutes Sagefight Imerial IPA

Deschutes Sagefight Imperial IPA. 8% ABV. 75 IBU. Bend, Oregon.

Clouded amber coloring, long lasting white head. Looking great.

Aromatics: very distinct, more lemon and lime than anything else, plus plenty of spice. That's where the sage is coming through. It's an unusual element in a beer, and really stands out. Nice.

In the mouth: Before I imbibe, I want to quote this from the website gobbledygook: Citrusy hops go head to head with resinous sage and juniper in a flavor battle royale.

Why not more? Malt Pale, Crystal, Munich
Hops Millennium, Bravo, Amarillo, Centennial
Other Sage, Juniper Berries Cert.
Alc. 8% IBU. 75
Available September – February.

The main event for hopheads has arrived! In the right corner we have lively botanicals hailing from the high desert; in the left, heavyweight citrus hops are looking for a knockout. Get ready to take a punch and keep on swinging with this bold Imperial IPA brewed with sage and juniper berries that’s best shared with those in your corner.

Huh? What? Okay, I guess. 

Anyway, back to In the Mouth: Sage and spice hits first, with hops following after. Malt lays low, leaving this to be all about the hops and those interesting adjuncts. Piney, resinous notes and super citrusy stuff does battle with the extra, unexpected ingredients. In addition to sage, also juniper berries, so there. It's a weird one, but I like it. Tasty, refreshing, bitter and odd, all at once. I said "tasty", right? Well, it is. 

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