Tuesday, October 25, 2016

NorthLoop BrewCo Foto #Fresh

Lucid, I mean, NorthLoop BrewCo Foto Fresh, I mean, Foto #Fresh (?) IPA, brewed and bottled by NorthLoop BrewCo, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  (I mean, Inbound?)

Clear, amber-hued, lush, long-lived white head. Looking good.

Vibrant aromatics, flush with the freshness of citrus and pine. Flagrantly fresh and lively. Nice.

In the mouth: There it is, caramel malts lurk beneath the barrage of fresh hop bitterness. Fresh and tasty. More malty than most fresh hop ales and IPAs. But plenty tasty, and definitely delicious. Good beer, and I can drink it. In fact, I recommend it. Go ahead and drink one.

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