Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fulton Barrel-aged Libertine

Fulton Barrel-aged Libertine Imperial Red Ale. 3770 of 4000.  8.5% acl. by vol. 45 IBU. Fulton Beer, Minneapolis, MN.

Dark, plum-like reddish brown coloring, slim coat of foam above.

Aromatics: Dark fruits, rich malts, some cocoa, toffee, a little vanilla. Lots of bourbon barrel aspects masking the original Libertine, which is a big, flavorful one to begin with. Deep and complex.

In the mouth: Big, bold, rich and delicious. Dark fruits, flashes of cherries and plums, deep malts, nicely balanced, staying well away from sweetness, but giving off immense amounts of flavor. All the notes from the nose come and play on the palate. The bourbon barrel enhances the Libertine, and covers, if not smothers, the base elements of the beer. But, it's a great transformation, for sure.

More sensations at play, more sweetness, more chocolate and vanilla against the fruits and the hops. So very nice. One of my favorite beers in a long, long time.

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