Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Indeed Heliotropic

Full confessional: This is a re-review, for I've had this one before when it was called Wooden Soul #1. No matter, it's a new name, a new bottle, and I'm going to re-review it, just for kicks. And away we go....

Bottle conditioned. 7.3% ABV. Belgian-style Brett Saison Ale aged in white wine barrels. Bottled by Indeed Brewing Company, Minneapolis, MN. Bottle 539/750. Bottled 06/2016.

Lightly hazy appearance, bright golden hue, slim, but lasting ivory head.

Aroma: Sauvignon Blanc drops in first, followed by slight hints of vinegar, cat pee, all that. Wicked, twisted, sour and beautiful. Beautiful, weird, and wonderful.

In the mouth: slight sweetness at first, lush malt, then comes the bracing tart from the yeast and the wild bugs at play. It's a brettanomyces fermented saison aged in white wine barrels, and it's complex, delicious, and ultimately refreshing. (Wish I had a few more. Wish I could save some for a year or so, but I'm terrible at that.) (Note to self: new project: buy more of these, save them, stash them, keep them for years.)

If you're you're looking for a palate-gripping, tongue-torturing "sour", this might not be sour enough for you. But it's plenty delicious.

By the way, what's "heliotropic"? The movement of an organism, specifically plants, towards the light of the sun. Not sure what that has to do with this beer. Maybe nothing. Just a cool word.

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