Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sapporo Premium Black Beer

Sapporo Premium Black Beer. Imported by Sapporo Brewing Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Brewed and canned by Sapporo Brewing Company, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. (But originally, this was made in Japan, right? Right.) 22 fl oz.

So, I got a sample from The Sample Man of what he called "the new Sapporo Black". What new? Didn't they have this already? No, that was "stout draft", but it wasn't a stout. So, is this a new beer or a new name? Either way, it's new to me, so let's crack it open.

Dark brown coloration, not quite black, with a nice cocoa-tinted head, lasting long, though thinnish.

Aroma: sweet and malty, creamy, nutty, lovely.

In the mouth: smooth and creamy, lovely dark malts. Low to non-existent hop bitterness. Lightish bodied, but not necessarily thin. A little nutty, and ultimately dry, despite initial sweet notes. Nice, drinkable, tasty schwarbier, here.

Go ahead and drink one.

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