Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fulton Standard Lager

Fulton Standard Lager. Genuine All-Malt Beer. Extraordinarily uncomplicated. "MINN MADE" (What, not MPLS MADE? Or maybe they don't want to alienate the greater MINN market?) Brewed by Fulton.

Clear, bright amber coloring, high carbonation, big, white, lasting head. Looking good.

Lightly grainy nose, with slight sweetness and floral notes. Good ol' lager-y smells here.

In the mouth: Clean, crisp and ever so light on the palate. Goes down smooth and leaves in a flash. There's flavor here, too, crisp hop presence, lingering bread-y malt, but swift finish, lean as can be. Not quite as dry as I'd like, but it's not "too sweet" either.

Quite a nice lager, and I hope this gets Fulton even further success. I won't be drinking it too much of it myself, since I'm almost always an ale man.

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