Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Belgium / De Koninck Lips of Faith Flowering Citrus Ale

New Belgium / De Koninck Lips of Faith Flowering Citrus Ale . Brewed and bottled by New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, Colorado. all. 7.4% by Vol.

Clear, bright gold, soft white, lingering head.

Aroma: spice, Belgian yeast, citrus aplenty. Soft spices, very intriguing.

In the mouth: light spices and delicate fruit. Minor hops, lean malt body, ease of drinking apparent. Getting lime-ier as we go. Floral notes in the flavor, too. High citrus through the taste of this, some sourness, but all in all, pretty danged delicious.

Here's some gobbledygook! "A beautiful summer day in Antwerp; the sun pours past the belfry and rooftops and floods into the market center. A ballet of brightly colored shoppers twists and twirls through the commotion, pinwheels of color against the cobblestone square. You find two seats on the cafĂ©’s patio, ordering beers to pair with the bustling view: De Koninck Flowering Citrus Ale. This Lips of Faith collaboration with Antwerp’s historic De Koninck Brewery is a delightful burst of citrus and flowers, keeping pace with the color and commotion of summer. Sit back and enjoy the pop of key lime and whole lemons; breath in the fragrance of hibiscus, rose petals and strawberry-tinged 'Mistral hops; toast to life’s pleasant surprises. Soak in the summer scene with a Flowering Citrus Ale."

Man, that's some gobbledygook!

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