Friday, January 31, 2014

Bad Weather Ominous MidWest Warmer Ale

Bad Weather Brewing Company Ominous Midwest Warmer. Alcohol 7.5% by volume. Proudly brewed in Minnesota, Est. 2013. Bad Weather Brewing Company, Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Bad weather is all we've got these days, so it seemed appropriate to tackle this one. Leaving me one from this brewery to try, if I can get my hands on it. (Nope, two: Firefly, the rye, and a blonde ale called Migration.) Without further ado, away we go, into the Ominous. I have had this one on tap at Acadia Cafe, but it didn't make a big impression on me. Perhaps the bottle will turn the tide?

Solid black body, with ruby highlights, and a roasted tan head above. Looks just fine.

Aroma: dark fruit, plums and raisins, slightly tannin-y, a touch of sweet, and a trickle of sour. Further sips in, more hoppy bittersweet notes clash just a bit with the chocolate malt tones. Mostly harmonious. Good depth, good flavors, without too much complexity. Just enough, perhaps, to make this an easy drinker, albeit with a slightly higher alcohol level.

Very nice wintry seasonal ale. Does the trick. I'll finish the 6-pack with no complaint.
Clouds grow dark, the winds pick up, a chill sets in--the weather is not looking good. Thankfully, our cold weather seasonal OMINOUS is the perfect beer for this situation. Warming from the inside out, it's a good reason to stay indoors. At 7.5% ABV, this Midwest Warmer has layers to stand up to the most frigid of winter nights or rain-soaked spring days. American, English, and British malts come together to satisfy the soul with rich, nutty roasted flavors. Dark candi sugar brings out  hints of dates, raisins, plum and chocolate, OMINOUS is a dark storm of a beer--big, intense and something to keep your eye on."dygook from the 6-pack carrier:  "

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