Thursday, January 9, 2014

Northbound Solstice Wheat Ale

Northbound Smokehouse Solstice Wheat. Don't know much about this one, just saw it on tap, got me a growler. I do love surprises.

Very clouded, dark reddish, not-quite brown. Big, puffy, proud, cream-toned head, leaving lace.

Aroma: slightly sweet, lightly wheat. Lingering spice, some fruity esters.

Taste: Medium-bodied, fairly clean, with sweet, lightly fruity malt flavors. I'm not getting any of the hallmarks of the classic weizen styles, not finding any citrus notes, no specific clove or banana trails. Was another yeast strain used? Since I don't know that this was intended as a dunkel weizen, I certainly can't fault it for not tasting or smelling like one.

What it is, is a dark wheat brewed for winter. Caramel and toffee linger on the palate, cola and coffee get a bow. It drank down pretty good. I approve.

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