Friday, January 24, 2014

Robinson's Old Tom Ginger

Robinson's Old Tom Ginger, Ale with Ginger Root and Pear Juice. "Made with the World's Best Ale.11.2 oz. 6.0% by Vol." Isn't that lighter than regular Tom?

Dark brown, nearly black coloring, smallish, off-whit-ish head.

Aroma: Ginger roars on in, loudly and proudly, with fruit just behind. Yeah, pears, I hear you. Ginger and pears, ain't that something? Well, guess what, I like it.

Taste: sweet and spicy, and …interesting. The fruit and spice lord over all, and dominate whatever is underneath. Can I taste Old Tom under the ginger and pear? No. Do we know what part of Old Tom was used (remembering this is much weaker than real Old Tom?) in infusing the pear and Ginger, here?

I find this irresistible, yet hard to handle. It's not special enough for the price (I think I paid about $5 for a small, soon gone, bottle.), yet it is delicious. However, despite that, nothing too special. I'm interested in the label gobbledygook:

"Old Tom is a legend amongst ales. First created by the Robinson family in 1899, it has won almost every brewing accolade including being voted THE WORLD'S BEST ALE. In this ale we have blended Old Tom with the famous Fentiman's Ginger Ale. The result is a wickedly indulgent drink--silky smooth with surprising ginger burn. If you like this ale, you should also try Old Tom Chocolate."

The style indicated is: "Premium Ginger Ale." So now I wonder, did it lose alcohol content because it was blended with a non alcohol ginger ale, rather than having ginger added to the brew itself? I think so. I should pay half as much per bottle then, I think. The more I drink this, the more it tastes like ginger ale, and the less it tastes like the old ale, the Old Tom that I like. I bought a shandy without knowing it.
(I should have known, though. The label does read, "Made with The World's Best Ale.")
I say Boo on this. Boo.

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