Thursday, January 9, 2014

La Trappe Jubilaris

La Trappe Jubilaris, for the 25th anniversary of one of the monks. I'd read the label but the type is so small, and I didn't bring my glasses. Let's just open up this bottle and see what's inside.

Bold, bright amber coloring, slim, off-white head. Looks every bit like a Belgian-style pale ale.

Aroma: First sniff: Banana cream pie. Spice. Fruit. Belgian trappist yeast. Yeah, it's got it going on. Just lovely.

Let's taste it: Little bit of grit. Lush, tasty, smooth malt, Minor hops. Very nice, indeed. 6% ABV. Smooth and delicious. Yum. It's a good trappist beer, and you can drink it.

Wish I had more to say, but what I said says it. Enjoy, but don't go in expecting anything awesome. Just really good. And sometimes that's good enough.

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