Thursday, January 16, 2014

Central Waters Shine On Ale

Central Waters Shine On Ale. No style designation, no gobbledygook, no nothing. Except, of course, brewed in Amherst, WI, as well as "Ale, Sun, Earth, and Sky", whatever that may mean. I got this in a sampler 12-pack, and there's no further information there, either, it just says "Shine ON" (any significance to the capital letters?).

It's a cloudy reddish amber, with a slim, soon-gone head. I suspect it's unfiltered.

Aroma: malt all over. Bold fruity, nutty malt nose. On the sweet side.

Taste: All that and more re-appears on the palate. Rich, generous malt flavors tend toward lushness. Moderate bitterness holds sweetness just a little bit in check. Long, malty finish, excellent balance of malty sweetness and hop bitterness.

I would not have guessed based on the label that this would be a rich amber / red ale, and it makes me wonder why they're reluctant to give it a style name, that might aid in getting the proper audience to this beer.

Or, perhaps they want to drive customers to it who might pass on an amber? One never knows.

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