Thursday, January 16, 2014

Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter

Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter. It's a porter called Mudpuppy. Whatever that means. Like all the other CW brews, not much more information. So, away we go…

Dark brown coloring, under a slim, cola-toned head.

Aroma: Some small suggestions of espresso, with faint hints of coca, with the slightest bit of roast. Eh.

Taste: There's a that lackluster dark malt from the aroma arriving on the palate, and it's staging a very mediocre performance. All the typical players are involved, but giving the performance of no lifetimes, …shall we say. Medium bodied. Flat finish. We're getting parts of a porter, but not the good parts. Not the best parts.

All in all, this Mudpuppy is a humdrum affair, a porter of the shortest order. Central Waters makes many good beers, but this one isn't among them. Blah.

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