Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Barley John's Brewing Company Armagedgnome Wheat Wine

I had a sample can given to me by the Head Gnome Himself, Mr. John Moore of Barley John's. It said WW on it, for Wheat Wine. I looked all over for "Barley John's Brewing Company Wheat Wine" and found nothing. Oh, that's because it's actually called..

Armagedgnome. Wheat Wine. 8.3% ABV.

Deep crimson coloring, slim, short-lived head on it.

Aroma is bold and fruity, big and malty.

In the mouth: more sweet, but well-balanced, malty, fruity, and pretty damned yum. Bright, strong, very barley-wine-like, but smooth and tasty. Not bad, not bad at all. Tasty, tasty stuff.with a little bit of an alcoholic burn, but nice and pleasant. Well done, all around.

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