Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bemidji Brewing Flanders Red Ale 2014

It's another one from last week's Minnesota Wild & Funky event, and I can't claim credit for bringing it in. Thanks go to Ryan from Indeed for talking to these guys and getting them to contribute. I, frankly, did not know they were doing anything like this. It makes me more excited to bring them into the plans for Minnesota Breweries One by One, and visit it good ol' Bemidji town.

Bemidji Brewing Flanders Sour Red 2014. 5.5% AVV.

Gorgeous crimson coloring, slim beige head, sticks around and leaves lace.

Aroma starts wine-like and vinegary, tart and cherry-ish, oak-y, fruity, lovely.

In the mouth: Intensely puckering at first, delivering dry, fruity flavors. Medium-bodied. Long, tart, cherry/berry-ish finish. Sourness grows and grows, continues deliciously.

This is a nice version of the style. It's not great, but it's good enough to encourage them to keep on at it. Could be better, could be fuller bodied, more of everything. But, then again, they don't have the hundreds of years of experience that the master brewers in Belgium do. Good start, though.

From the brewery: "Blend of barrel-aged beers that results in a bright, tart ale with notes of fruit, caramel and oak. This dry and malty ale was the first release from our Sour Beer program and has been cellared for nearly two years."

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