Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hammerheart Laurentian Mesquite Smoked Porter with Spruce Tips

Hammerheart Laurentian Mesquite Smoked Porter with Spruce Tips, 6.5% ABV,

Full-on brown color, with a rich roasted brown head atop. Looking good.

In the nose, it's malt first, then the smoke uncurls, with spruce coming in from behind. Blended beautifully. Just right, nothing too loud, nothing too heavy.

In the mouth: chocolate flavors check in first, then the roasty, smoked malt comes forth. Spruce tips remain a minor factor, waiting in the wings. It's all growing wider on the palate, hop bitterness keeping malt in check, and the smoked malt remains mellow and smooth. Everything in this is refined  and cool, calm and collected. Rich, full, absolutely satisfying...it's just about perfect. If it were any bigger or stronger, I'd be headed for ruin.

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