Wednesday, May 11, 2016

B.O.M. Triporteur Wild & Funky

I'm doing an event tomorrow at Acadia called Minnesota Wild & Funky. Appropriate then, perhaps, to have "a true Belgian sour", the night before. I've had this before, and liked it, but these are my first notes.

B. O. M. Brewery Triporteur Wild & Funky, Belgian Pale Ale, Bree, Belgium. 5.4 % ABV.

Clouded, pale amber coloring, slim, soon-gone head.

Aroma is all manner of funky stuff, musty old caves & basement, wild yeast, rotting fruit, light spice.

In the mouth: tart sour from the start, bracingly so. Fading fast through, mellowing on the palate. Delivers a tart smack once again with each new sip, then the typical Belgian pale ale comes through, the standard yeast profile, the tasty, fruity malt body. Great balance in this, nice and tasty, but not too much of anything. Not too sour, not too fruity, not bitter at all. Just right.

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