Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Forager Moon Hops Double IPA

If you read my "MN Breweries One by One" piece on Forager Brewing back in March, you might have gotten the impression that I had become a fan of this brewery and their beers. You would be correct in that assumption. Because they are so far off in Rochester, it's not likely I am to return to them any time soon, especially since my free time is devoted to collecting experiences from every other brewery out there. So, I have to get by with help from my friends. Thanks so much to Julie and Jay for bringing this crowler to me.

Forager Moon Hops. 8.4 % ABV. Date: 3/28.

Highly clouded, bright golden hue, large and long-lasting snowy white head, leaving lace.

Aromatics are bold, vibrant, citrus-y, piney, fresh and beautiful. Just gorgeous.

In the mouth: all that and more. Burst of citrusy fruit flavors dazzle the palate, a full brace of bitterness, kept in check with substantial malt. Lemon and orange and lime and a twist of tangerine. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Medium body, long, hop-drenched finish. So nice. This is a brilliant masterpiece of a beer, hitting all the right notes, full of power, grace, and deliciousness.

I couldn't find information on this on their website, and on Untappd, I could only catch the hops: Equinox, galaxy and Citra hops. 80 IBUs. 8.4% ABV.

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