Friday, May 13, 2016

Indeed Wooden Soul #7

Indeed Wooden Soul #7. 5.4% ABV.  Wood-aged red ale in red wine barrels, with cherries and raspberries added. Indeed Brewing Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One of the eight Minnesota made sours on tap at Acadia, for the Minnesota Wild & Funky beer event that I helped coordinate. This one was ours before it was Indeed's. A debut! Will be tapped in the Taproom next week. For now, come to us to get it.

Utterly opaque, deep burgundy coloring, slim, tight ring of foam above.

Aroma is the epitome of oak and sour, with a touch of berries. Lacto acid, ever-so slight vinegar, major fruit.

In the mouth: big-time pucker, intense sour, dry and oak-y. Beautifully balanced, ridiculously drinkable. Here come the raspberries, overtaking the cherries, sourness increasing. Medium-bodied, long sour finish, especially delicious. So very good.

Is this my favorite Wooden Soul? It just might be.

(Although, I never did try #s 4 or 5. Some day, maybe.)

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