Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Destihl Cerise Stout Imperiale

Destihl Cerise Stout Imperiale. 11% ABV. 81 IBU.

Solid black, lush tan head, leaving lace.

Chocolate malt notes hit the nose first, following by dark fruits, cherries, while remaining on the side of dry, never sweet.

In the mouth: rich, full-bodied, long malty finish. A touch of oak. Chocolate meets cherries, ending dry. Nicely hopped, beautifully balanced. Uniquely flavored.

Yum. I like this.

There was a lot of gobbledygook on the label, maybe that will explain the 80's-style graphics of the label art design. Check here, but you'll have to look down a bit. Okay, I'll cheat and copy it for you....
ABV: 11%     IBU: 81     Color SRM: 79     First Brewed: 04-22-10

Totally radical chocolate-like aroma masks subtle notes of cherries and oak as a prelude to amped up flavors of rich, bitter, dark-chocolate malt combined with tart cherries and oak tannins that most definitely electrify this Belgian-style imperial stout's smooth, silky body and bone-dry finish.

Well, I still don't know why the nod to the '80's, but at least I know it's not just my imagination. Thanks to my brother Kevin for getting me this bottle.

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