Friday, April 29, 2016

Lakes & Legends Silky Stout

Lakes & Legends Silky Stout. 37 IBU. 7.1% ABV.

Deep black coloration, slim, cocoa-tinged head of foam.

Sweet chocolate flavor pours forth from the nose.  A little dark fruit lurks below.

In the mouth, richness and well-balanced sweetness. A major dose of smooth. Even just a little bit creamy. Goes down ridiculously easy, and tastes terrific. Medium to full-bodied, long malty finish. Delightful. I could drink this over and over again.

Here the scoop from the website: The color of rich coffee with a creamy head of foam, our Silky Stout hits your palate with a strong taste of roasted grains and a hint of chocolate – milk sugars added during brewing give the beer a smooth finish. A complex yet serene roadtrip through the “darker side” of the beer world.

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