Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lift Bridge Batch 1300 Double IPA

Lift Bridge Batch 1300 Double IPA. 8.5% ABV. I mentioned this one previously in this post, and now I've finally tapped a keg of it, and have sat down to take notes on a glass before it's gone. Cheers to 1300 batches of beers!

Clear, bright golden, slim white head.

Aroma bursts with tropical and citric fruit notes: mango, papaya, tangerine. Little bit o' pine, too. Sweetness pushes bitter to the side.

In the mouth: Beautiful blast of bitterness greets the palate first, sweet malt rushes up to match it, then prickly pine and bitter astringency tackles the tongue. A thrilling assault on the senses. Just delicious. The high ABV is not slowing me down in the least. Mmmm, I like this one.

Good one, Lift Bridge. Keep making great beers like this, and I'll keep drinking them. And buying and tapping them. (I had a keg of Batch 500 2 years ago at the Blue Nile, a Batch 800 in 2015 for Acadia, and once again, Batch 1300 in 2016.)

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