Friday, April 8, 2016

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose-style Ale

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose-style Ale with cactus & grapefruit.

Lightly hazy, bright golden coloration, large white head that settles soon.

Aromatics start out fruity, but dry. Citrus fruit notes. Cactus is in there, somewhere, but I have never been an expert on that. Slight sour must. Very mellow.

In the mouth: Now comes the tart, with a side of salt. Bitterness rolls up just a bit, grapefruit flavor roars in. Bitter gets a hold of sour and mixes and mingles. Lightish body, tart finish. Brisk, crisp and fascinating.

Quite a unique beer out of Sierra Nevada. I was surprised that a beer like this was made a year-round so quick out of the gate. They must be banking on the thirst for sour ales out there. I can see this moving quickly in higher temps, when the thirst-slaking enthusiast wants a little more flavor to go with his lawnmower beer.

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