Friday, April 29, 2016

Boulevard Snow and Tell Oak-aged Scotch Ale

Boulevard Snow and Tell Oak-aged Scotch Ale. I bought this in December, I think. Why have I been sitting on it so long? I know it hasn't gone bad, but it is a little outside it's season. We hope there's no more snow, but, as I've noted before, Prince had a song about that. ...sigh...too soon, too soon.

Dark, plum red coloration, slim head, toasted tan in color, stays a while.

Sweetness in the nose, plump with malt, getting the oaky flavors. Very nice.

Big malt hits the palate first, and hardest. Dark fruit, molasses, richness and deliciousness. Just the littlest bit of hop bitterness. Nice and  terrifically balanced. Medium body. Tasty stuff.

No snow left, but we're not entirely into sunshine and daffodils time. I'll take some consolation from my laziness yet.

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