Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sisyphus Galaxy High Five Pale Ale

Sisyphus Galaxy High Five. 70 IBU. 6.5% ABV.

There's a spoof or a parody in the name of this beer somewhere, but it's not in relation to a local brewery, so I can't remember the reference. I copied this from Untappd, which took it from the beer board at the taproom: Mad tropical fruit flavored like your own personal mango tree. Up top!

Clear, bright amber coloring, big, off-white head, leaving lace.

Lively citric hop aroma blares out of the nose. Vibrant, fresh, loaded with lemon and lime. Little bit of tropical fruit mingled in. Pungent fruitiness. Love it.

In the mouth: Lean- bodied, clean and lightly bitter. Smooth stuff. Nice hop tingle on the tongue. Plays cool and easy on the palate. Mango and papaya notes bump up against the citric stuff. Tasty. Did I say tasty yet? mmm. Good beer and you can drink it.

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