Friday, April 15, 2016

Surly Cultivate 2015 Rhubarb Saison

This is the second time that Surly has done a special beer for the Chipotle Cultivate event that occurs in Loring Park, with beer, music and lots to learn about burritos. Last year, it was also a saison, that time with dandelions. Here, we have it with rhubarb. It was taproom-only for a while, and I got a keg for my special Surly Showcase at Acadia a few weeks ago, sitting dow to review it now.

Lightly clouded, dark reddish hue, slim, but lasting cream-toned head.

Aroma is mildly bitter, and slightly tart, growing tarter (is that a word?). Yeah, there's rhubarb in there.

In the mouth: jumps on board with the flesh of the fruit evident, moderate bitterness, lush malt, minor tart. Complex, curious, and effortlessly refreshing. You might be afraid of "rhubarb salons", scared of whatever flavors you fear lurk inside, may not think it would work, ...but it does, brother it does.

This is a multitude of things. It's herbal/vegetal, but not sweet, a little bitter, a little tart, ending on a dry note. Medium bodied, easy drinking, ....6% ABV, sources tell me. And that's about all I can find out. But, it matters little, for it is good beer and I can drink it.

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