Tuesday, April 12, 2016

LTD Brewing Emily's Dream 7 Peach Sour Ale

Emily's Dream 7 Peach Sour Ale, 6.4% Alc. by Vol., LTD (Living the Dream) Brewing Company, Hopkins, MN.

Lightly hazy, definitely peach-colored appearance, slim and soon-gone head.

Intensely sour aromatics, pungent peach notes, other stone fruits, apricots, etc.

In the mouth, pow! pow! powerful peach, incredibly intense puckeration. Underneath it....not sure. Light malt, low bitterness, loud with the peach. Long-lasting sourness. I'm becoming curious about this beer, and feel the need to read the label (since I can't find the information on the internets):

"What if all the monsters in our minds are really just dreams waiting for us to let them come out to play? The seventh warped offering in our Emily's Dream series is our sourest offering yet. Pale straw in color with a lighter body and bursting with ripe peach, this beer will enchant anyone who dares confront it. Like the others in the Emily's Dream series, we kettle sour this beer using exclusively lactobacillus ....blah, blah, blah....the type is too tiny, I grow weary of wearing my reading glasses to glean this information and transmit it back to you. And I'm not finding a decent link on their site.
So sorry.......

It's peach-y, it's sour, for sure, and I like it. It's not perfect, but it's good, it's beer, and I can drink it.

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