Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Alesmith Double Red India Pale Ale

Ale smith Double Red India Pale Ale, Brewed & Bottled by Alesmith Brewing Company, San Diego, CA. 8.5% ABV. Winter Seasonal.

Clear, bright crimson coloring, huge, creamy, ivory head.

Big malt plus big fruit in the nose, lots of citrusy, earthy hops. Pulls more to the sweet side than the bitter.

In the mouth: brisk, bold, snappy and hoppy. Intense hop presence. Long lasting bitterness on the palate. Bigness and boldness meet richness, and the alcohol rides high. Drinks down tremendously easy, despite all that. Tastes a lot like a barley-wine, this one. I am enjoying it. Damn, it's delicious.

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