Monday, April 25, 2016

Fargo Mighty Red Imperial Red Ale

Fargo Brewing Company Mighty Red Imperial Red Ale.

Bright cherry red coloration, short but lasting beige-ish head.

Nose is malt-forward, low on hops, just a little sweet and utterly pleasant.

In the mouth: rich and tasty right away, sweet malt is king in this. Big ol' tasty malt. Even and clean, and well-balanced. For being tagged "imperial", though, I expect more of a bite, something chewier, richer, bigger. This gets close, but doesn't go the distance. Only 6.6% ABV, and 55 IBUs, I don't really see how it's all that "imperial."

Nice enough beer, but false advertising, I'm afraid. That aside, good beer, you can drink it.

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