Friday, May 26, 2017

Bald Man Brewing Killer Queen Imperial IPA

Bald Man Killer Queen Imperial IPA. 750 ml bottle. (Paid $10.49) ABV 9.5%. Bald Man Brewing, Eagan, MN.

I’ve had Bald Man beers before. I visited them in late November, and they are #105 on the list of breweries, with the report yet to be written. I liked what I had there, but this is the first bottled offering I've yet to sample. And here we go...

Deep crimson coloring, opaque, lasting ivory head.

In the nose: rich, sweet malt meets pungent, powerful hop presence. A cornucopia of fruit notes at play in the aroma.

In the mouth: Big, bold, flooded with flavors. Coats the palate. Malt-driven, with an abundance of hops, bitterness kept in check by aforementioned massive malt. Plenty sweet, plenty bitter. It’s got it all.

I have to admit that this is not my favorite iteration of double IPA. I like them best when they’re brighter, lighter, citrus-y-er.

I’m also admittedly not much into Classic Rock, and though I’ve heard the song often enough, I didn’t know right away that the name of the beer comes from a Queen song, and the description on the back label is dotted with phrases lifted from the lyrics: “Beneath her crown lies a killer blend of American hops and English malt, sure to please the most insatiable of appetites. Bow before the queen, for if you don’t, she will show no mercy! Wanna try?”

Well, I did try, but I don’t think I’ll be back for more. Nice try, though.

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