Friday, May 12, 2017

Insight Crazy Aunt Gin & Tonic-Style Ale

Insight A visit to my Crazy Aunt Gin & Tonic Style Ale. Insight Brewing, Minneapolis, MN. “We craft legends.”

"Gin & tonic style ale”? What the heck could that be? There’s got to be some explanation somewhere, but I’m going to check that out later. For now, I’m going in blind.

Hazy, golden-hued, slim white head.

In the nose: interesting, can’t quite pin this one. Lightly hoppy, slightly sour, some fruity/tropical tones, too, Not like anything I’ve held to my nose before.

Time to taste: Grapefruit. Very dry. Refreshing and light. It resembles a g. & t., yeah, I get that, but how? And why?

(So, I looked at the website, and lo, and behold, found this:


Crazy Aunt is an ale brewed with juniper, coriander, lime juice, and tonic water. We’ve pushed the limits with this beer and brewed it to taste just like a gin & tonic, and we’re introducing it as the perfect seasonal to quench your thirst on a warm Minnesota summer day. RECIPE IDEAS HERE!

availability: SUMMER
abc: 6.0%
ibu: N/A

I think this is a fun experiment, and it accomplishes what it sets out to, but “gin and tonic-style” is not what I look for in an ale. It’ll probably be a big hit with others, though.

Wait, there's more. Of course, there's more.

"...a distant relative, but not untouched by that strain of 'eccentricity' which affects us all, Grizelda Brewmaster had summoned me to the misty shores of Albion. She claimed to have invented a brew that mimicked the gin & tonic precisely. Juniper, spruce, quinine, all jostling about in bubbly bliss. On my way up to there precarious cottage, I mused on the warnings of the villagers below. 'Yowza, you're going to the witch's house?!' I was. Seldom does one get to choose their family, and neither did I..."

You know, the Monkees had a song called "Aunty Grizelda." Just thought I'd share that.

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