Friday, May 5, 2017

Blacklist Dark Belgian-style Imperial Stout

Blacklist Dark Belgian-style Imperial Stout. 8% ABV. Blacklist Brewing, Duluth, MN

Utterly blackness. Cocoa-tinged, tanned head. Looking nice.

In the nose: mellow and malty, sweetish and lovely. Vanilla and cocoa. Very nice.

In the mouth: Full-bodied. Rich and malty. Nicely balanced, not too sweet, with low bitterness. Tasty, tasty stuff, and showing just a little bit of alcohol strength...just yet. It's growing, though, and getting bigger and richer as it takes over the palate and the senses.

"Don’t be afraid of the Dark. Unlike some of its bigger brethren, Dark is not to going to scare you off by being too big or too sweet. Pleasant fruitiness swim in sync with roasted malts & dry cocoa; balanced and flavorful, each sip will draw you to its murky depths, but you probably won’t mind."

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